Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Including (but not limited to) the following:
    • Load-Interrupter Switches (L.I.)- Fixed Mounted & Draw-out Circuit Breakers including relay protection & control
    • Fixed Mounted & Draw-out Voltage Transformers (V.T.)
    • Current Transformers (C.T.) including bar & window types
    • Medium Voltage Fusing including S&C SM-20 & SM-5, G.E./Mersen Type EJO-1, Ferraz/Mersen type CS-3
    • Custom Utility Metering Compartments for utility voltage & current transformers (designed to meet specific utility requirements)
    • Custom Incoming & Outgoing Section/Compartments to meet the special requirements of each project
    • Complete Battery Systems (for switchgear control power)
    • Minimal Shipping Sections for ease of installation.