About Us

JAGG Electrical and Control is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of custom Medium Voltage Switchgear and switchgear related products. JAGG recognizes that electrical distribution is the heart of any facility and utilizes our expertise to ensure the smooth operation of any facility. JAGG specializes in building custom electrical switchgear which provides distribution and protection to various types of electrical equipment within a facility.


Provide the highest quality Medium Voltage Switchgear in the industry while simultaneously surpassing client expectations.


The objective of JAGG Electrical & Control is to become the premier North American Custom Medium Voltage Switchgear manufacturer. This will be accomplished by exceeding customer expectations of quality and delivery.

Management Team

Gregory Golombek CEO, Greg brings over 12 years of leadership and upper level management experience to JAGG. His comprehensive understanding of the switchgear industry has enabled him to address the needs of the client. His Six Sigma green belt qualification has given him the knowledge to ensure the highest of product quality offerings. Further, these qualifications are invaluable in an industry where adherence to exceptional standards is paramount to success.

Joe Agnello Senior Design Engineer, Joe brings 25 years of engineering experience to JAGG. His reputation in the industry is only surpassed by the quality of his work. Throughout his illustrious career professionals in the industry have sought his expertise when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Joe is considered an authority on switchgear both mechanically and electrically in the North Eastern Market.

Grant Wooley CFO, Has over 20 Years acting as a controller for a multi-million dollar transportation, recycling and alternative fuel company.